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Meet Andrew Tunks: A guiding voice

He’s also one of our unsung heroes Meet Andrew Tunks. He’s a billing care center representative in St. Joseph, Mo., who has worked at American Family for nearly two years. He was nominated as an unsung hero by his division. “Andrew is a true example of a team player and an excellent customer service representative,” […]

Claim Adjuster jobs at American Family

Claim adjusters at American Family are a personal link between our insureds and the claim process, providing information and empathy to those customers who have just experienced an accident or loss. It’s a job that requires great communication skills and the ability to connect with people. As one desk manager says, “I think we play […]

Town hall meeting?

A town hall meeting to me feels more like a gathering hosted by a college resident assistant. While unveiling a recollection of college years sounds rather fun, work is not exactly the right time or place for that. When we host town hall meetings at American Family, it is really much more than a gathering […]