Monthly Archives: August 2009

Advice From a Future Staffing Specialist?

As a Staffing Specialist, I always take pride on being fair, giving all candidates proper consideration, and also helping the candidate I’m interviewing feel at ease.  But there are times when I am the one who isn’t at ease and a little nervous when interviewing.  I ran across a video today that’s circulating around the […]

Yes, you do need a cover letter

First I need to say “what a great week”.  There were a few United Way events in Madison  for American Family that were fantastic.  I spent a few days volunteering and loved it. Now how about those cover letters?  I was a bit surprised at the responses and here is why.  Only 76% of the respondents said […]

Jobs at American Family – Nursing

In keeping in step with my last blog,  I am going to write about another interesting job here at American Family.  For persons with an RN degree, working in a clinical setting is not the only option.  We have positions in our claims offices for “Medical Services Specialists”.  The duties involve working on claim files to […]