Monthly Archives: April 2010

What is a claims adjuster, anyway?

I am often asked by job seekers: What do claims adjusters really do? Well, they do a lot – investigate, analyze, interpret, communicate and negotiate, among other things. Primarily, however, our claims adjusters are the people who work with our customers and claimants when they experience a loss – whether it’s a dented fender, a […]

How do you like to work?

I’m a solo flyer. I’d love my own office (hey, boss, you listening?) but instead have a large cube in a quad, which suits me. It’s more private than the newsrooms I used to work in during my journalist days (which looked like something out of All the President’s Men, only smaller and without Robert […]

In the middle of a job search? Networking pays off!

Is hunting for a job really all about who you know? No, not all the time, but it sure does help. In my role as a sourcing & diversity specialist, I often find myself stressing to job seekers how important it is to make appropriate connections that will assist in their job search. If you’re […]