Monthly Archives: August 2010

“Banish the Butterflies”

Sweaty palms, queasy stomach, sweat on the brow? Sound familiar? If it does, you’ve experienced exactly what I’ve gone through during the dreaded interview process. Interviewing may seem mysterious, but as an agent sourcing and diversity specialist here at AmFam, I’m here to debunk the mystery and give you a few pointers to help you […]

Intern video: “It’s been a great experience!” Thanks, Will!

Will, a sophmore this fall at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, just finished an internship in Human Resources at American Family. Listen to what he has to say about his summer at AmFam.

My Favorite Networking Tips

A few months ago I wrote about how networking pays off during a job search. In that post, I shared some of my favorite networking tips; be brief, set an agenda for your conversation, keep yourself in front of your connections, search online groups or discussions to meet industry professionals, and lastly help others as […]