Town hall meeting?

A town hall meeting to me feels more like a gathering hosted by a college resident assistant. While unveiling a recollection of college years sounds rather fun, work is not exactly the right time or place for that. When we host town hall meetings at American Family, it is really much more than a gathering or a time for conversation. It’s a great opportunity to learn, a forum for questions and answers, and a place to share information and ideas.

Town hall meeting, Phoenix, AZ

If you were to sit in on one of our town halls, what would you see? Well, usually our executives and officers share updates on quarterly results and our progress on our strategic goals. They take questions and explain various decisions. It’s a win-win for our leaders and employees because the group tends to share great ideas. Our employees appreciate having the opportunity to ask questions and hear directly from our company leadership. And leaders hear perspectives from across the organization.

Our most recent town hall meeting included topics ranging from our company standings in customer service (sales and claims perspective), financial security, workforce statistics and insurance industry comparisons. The presentation wrapped up by stressing that successful companies should have a good balance between initiatives tied to all four topic areas.

The meetings bring people together from all areas of the company and for those who can’t attend in person; we also offer on-demand webcasts for later viewing. Our company leaders also travel often to our other offices to meet personally with employees there.

Do any of you work for companies that host similar meetings? If so, how often do you hear from your leadership and what are your conversations about?


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