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Jeff@DreamBank_ As part of the DreamBank Learning Lab in Madison, Wis., several recruiters from American Family met with job seekers looking for customized resume strategies, job search advice and insider tips for using social media and networks for finding professional connections.“These were great events,” said Jeff Close, staffing manager at American Family. “We had over fifty people come through to meet with our staffing specialists. Conversations were personal and customized to each person’s job search. It was a great confidence booster for everyone involved and a fun day, to boot.”

Job seekers learned several techniques for marketing themselves for a job, tailoring a resume, and preparing for interviews. These hands-on workshops stressed to job seekers the importance of being proactive in your search.

IMG_DreamBankOne of the main pieces of advice our recruiters offered was, “Be an advocate for yourself. The days of posting your resume and waiting for the calls to come in are over. It really is a different environment these days,” said Jeff.

Workshop participants received immediate feedback on their resumes and learned about the five key components found within a resume, including contact information (don’t forget your email address!), career objective, education, experience and whether references should be listed or “available upon request.” Another resume tip: Check, double check, and ask for a fresh set of eyes as a final review before submitting your resume. Says Jeff, “One grammatical error might send your resume straight to the shredder.”

Attendees learned that, when preparing to interview for the job you want, always bring examples of your work experience that discuss a situation or a task, the action you took to resolve a specific situation and the result of your work. Showing your thought process and how you handle challenges is especially helpful in an interview.

To learn more, check out our interview tips and resume tips, under the resources section of our site, or click here to see a listing of our jobs.

Who knows, perhaps you might become the next member to join the American Family Insurance team, just like Nate, who attended the workshop this spring and landed a summer internship with us!Nina@ResumeJob_


  1. Xue Chang
    Posted September 25, 2014 at 11:01 pm | Permalink

    I had a great time at the Dream Bank during my Summer Internship at American Family Insurance. The facility look so modern and techie looking. I would love to trade spots with some of the other internship who worked there daily. I met some great folks there and I happened to meet the Marketing Director too. She was speaking about how to find different strategies to market American Family Insurance to the public. The best part about this visit was that we had Ian’s Pizza for lunch.

  2. amfamlisa
    Posted September 29, 2014 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for taking the time to visit Dream Bank!

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