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You’re my hero

Last month, a customer called me a hero. Tonight, I’ll talk to someone else who considers me a hero. I’m working a catastrophe event in central Illinois, where an extremely powerful tornado smashed through Washington and nearby communities the morning of Nov. 17. You may have seen stories in the news as it drew national […]

Small workplace change makes all the difference

In the Midwest, we look forward to the first weekend during the winter when the high temperature reaches 60 degrees. After a cold winter, it’s the first taste of spring. Feb. 1, 2003, was one of those days. I was 17 years old, the starting quarterback for the football team, my school’s No. 1 golfer […]

Making Holiday Spirits Bright, One Card at a Time

Regrets, I’ve had a few. One of my biggest regrets was that I didn’t keep in touch with a college friend of mine after he joined the Navy. I always thought about writing to Dan, whose brilliance was matched by his crazy sense of humor. But I never wrote to him, and I’ll never have […]