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Helping students expand their business experience

Louis, a brand and retail consultant at American Family Insurance in Atlanta, recently served as a judge during a business case competition at the 33rd Annual National Black MBA Conference. Louis listened as MBA students made presentations in marketing and business development, and offered feedback to help these professionals refine their knowledge and better prepare […]

Career Fair takes us to Los Angeles

American Family’s staffing representatives were in Los Angeles recently, sharing information about our company and making some key connections during the career fair that took place as part of the 32nd Annual National Black MBA Association conference. A multitude of graduate schools and employers attend the two-day career fair. It was a great opportunity for […]

Diverse Perspectives Wanted

Have you ever worked at a company where you felt as though everyone was programmed like robots to think the same way? A place where people felt nervous or even intimidated by the thought of looking at a situation or solution in a way that was different from “the way we do things around here”? […]