Monthly Archives: November 2009

AmFam Roadmap – Illinois

Welcome back to our road map feature! This is a way to share out on our different office locations and provide information to individuals, such as yourself, to familiarize with the type of careers in which we offer in the 19 states that we currently service. The Sales area also has many opportunities for careers […]

Legal Jobs

Are you an experienced trial attorney?  Our company is looking to hire litigation attorneys in several offices throughout our operating territories.  We are seeking experienced lawyers – if you have experience working with Personal Injury Cases – this may be the greatest opportunity for you.  In this job you will handle a case from beginning […]


Interview –  It is a word that gets me pumped up and excited.   It is an opportunity to hear what makes someone excited about what they do now or what they want to do.  The interview is a chance to meet someone new (in most cases) and see what they are all about.  Well, that is just my humble view so let’s […]