Meet Andrew Tunks: A guiding voice

UH_Andrew_Tunks_180He’s also one of our unsung heroes

Meet Andrew Tunks. He’s a billing care center representative in St. Joseph, Mo., who has worked at American Family for nearly two years. He was nominated as an unsung hero by his division.

“Andrew is a true example of a team player and an excellent customer service representative,” says Andrew’s manager. “He is extremely knowledgeable and navigates customers through systems such as online billing without seeing what they are seeing, but simply by listening to the customer and using his experience to guide them.

“He is someone others in the department look to for guidance and leadership.”

Now, let’s hear more from Andrew:

If someone followed you around during a typical workday, what would they see you do?

They would see me interacting, mostly over the phone, with agents, their office staff and customers. We get a wide array of calls – pretty much anything you can think of. For customers, the most typical call is a payment question or a question regarding a billing statement. From agents and their staff, the main reason for a call is to apply money or do a payment schedule edit.

You interact with customers each day. How does what you do help fulfill our customer-driven mindset?

Our agents are the face of our company, but in a sense I think we are, too. In our department, we’re kind of the main interaction for some customers, especially if they have a hard time contacting their agents because it’s a weekend, the evening or they’re just busy during the day. A lot of calls will get rerouted directly to us. We try to help the overflow when the agent’s office can’t.

Andrew Tunks

The best part of my job is: Getting to interact with a variety of people and having the chance to help them with whatever question or problem they may have.

Here’s what I wish more people knew about my job: We document a brief synopsis of each call so when that customer calls again, anyone can see what has been done on the account. This really helps customers when they call again.

If my job didn’t exist, here’s what would happen: The agent’s office would probably run the risk of being overwhelmed with calls. It depends on the office, but I think a lot of offices partner with us to make sure, as a company, we’re serving the customer to the best of our ability.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you while doing your job? Is there one memorable moment that really stands out?

Probably the most memorable is developing a bond and having certain agents and their staff members remember you and be excited when they get to work with you again.

What keeps you working at American Family?

I worked at a competitor in a different role before I came to American Family. The people here, especially in terms of my co-workers, seem to care more. It’s a very welcoming environment to stay in. I have a great relationship with my manager and really feel comfortable here.

Do you consider yourself an unsung hero? Why or why not?

No, definitely not. If I am considered an unsung hero then anybody who works in any one of our call centers should be as well.

*** Andrew Tunks has worked for American Family for two years. His goal is to successfully respond to 50 calls per a day.

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