Lesson learned: Insurance a noble profession

I was extremely nervous on my first day at American Family Insurance.

I’d never been in a workplace as big and intimidating as National Headquarters. As I walked through the doors for the first time, my heart raced. I smiled and shook hands with my new boss, Dan, creative development manager. I’d never had any experience in the corporate world, so naturally, I was terrified.

My boss and the other interns in my department quickly put me at ease, telling me I didn’t have to know everything, that this was a learning experience, and that I would be just fine. So I took a deep breath, and jumped in.

My first project was cataloging everything on the new version of the Marketing on Demand (MOD) website. Though tedious, the task taught me about the look and feel American Family advertising should have. Along with this, our advertisements need to accomplish a great deal in a page, a photograph, a 30-second spot, or an online banner advertisement. It made me proud to know our current campaign makes a bold statement about the strength, reliability and compassion our company was founded upon and still upholds today.

I also got to sit in on meetings with agencies, and see the processes involved in reviewing the content they provide for us. The advertising team strives to make sure we have memorable, beautiful and emotionally charged ads.

I’ve also worked on seven other projects that have provided a great learning experience.

I’ve met a lot of interns from other areas, as well: communications, taxes, actuarial, human resources, legal, sustainability, facilities and, of course, marketing. Like them, I’ve recently had to get back to my primary job – school.

American Family has given me perspective on practical applications for writing in a corporate environment, and this will greatly assist me whenever I decide to stop traveling and put down roots.

Although I’d never ventured into the corporate world before, I’ve had a great time at this internship. I’ve met incredible people, done research, written copy, and learned a great deal in very little time. Insurance is a noble profession, and through our daily efforts we help protect everything important in people’s lives. When times get rough, customers know that American Family is the company to turn to.

*** Carrie is an English and French major at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She works for the school newspaper, and is busy reporting on university events this fall. Carrie hopes to be in Rabat, Morocco, for the spring of 2013, because it’s a requirement for her French major to study abroad for a semester.

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