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Continuous learning important to insurance careers

As an intern here this summer and as a current college student, I expected to see degrees on office walls around American Family. I’ve noticed framed degrees in all disciplines, from law to MBAs, from small colleges and large universities. But I’ve also noticed many documents for CPCU designations and IIA certifications. Even in HR, […]

My Life as an Intern

I’m a rising senior at Madison West high school and over the years, I’ve had a lot of fun summers. But I think the best thing I’ve experienced during a summer was working for American Family Insurance during an internship. I worked for a big company, doing things like filing and making phone calls. I […]

From the Inside

Testing. 1-2-3. Testing. Ahem. (I write a blog on our company intranet that only current American Family employees can see, so this is my first time writing for the real deal interwebz. I’m a little bit nervous. Here we go.) HELLO, WORLD! Sorry. I suppose I should back up just a little. My name is […]