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Interviewing insight

I noticed a comment a long while back on Laurie Ruettimann’s former blog, Punk Rock HR, in which the commenter likened a company’s interviewing process with the culture you’d find if you actually took a job there. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but this was the gist: ‘The experience a candidate gets with a company while […]

“Banish the Butterflies”

Sweaty palms, queasy stomach, sweat on the brow? Sound familiar? If it does, you’ve experienced exactly what I’ve gone through during the dreaded interview process. Interviewing may seem mysterious, but as an agent sourcing and diversity specialist here at AmFam, I’m here to debunk the mystery and give you a few pointers to help you […]

Interviewing Soon? Three things matter.

A recent New York Times column by Roger Cohen included a quote from Accenture’s chief executive, William Green. He said three things matter for managers: “The first is competence — just being good at what you do, whatever it is, and focusing on the job you have, not on the job you think you want […]