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A Student’s Perspective of AmFam

My name is Jordan and I am the infamous PEOPLE Program intern Mike has been blogging about. I’m just doing this one blog explaining my experience here at AMFAM. I’ll start with a little background about myself. I am from Milwaukee and I go to St. Francis High School. I am going to be a […]

What is PiYo?

In my last post (see The AmFam Workout) I mentioned AmFam has both yoga and PiYo – turns out I was wrong!  After taking some flak from coworkers for not knowing what PiYo was I decided to become educated on the topic.  To do so, I met with some very reliable sources – Google search […]

The AmFam Workout

Before getting to my blog post I’d just like to say a “thank you” to everyone who submitted blog entries.  What an awesome turnout and what great ideas you all had!  It was a tough decision but we really feel that “The Family Room” embodies what we were looking for: casual, fun, and a reflection […]