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Social Networking Major?

I just finished reading an interesting article (from my alma mater’s student newspaper – The Badger Herald) on a new major that will be introduced at UW-Oshkosh.  The new major is Social Networking.  As online social media continues to be very popular it’s no surprise that universities are starting to incorporate it in their curriculum.  […]

A Student’s Perspective of AmFam

My name is Jordan and I am the infamous PEOPLE Program intern Mike has been blogging about. I’m just doing this one blog explaining my experience here at AMFAM. I’ll start with a little background about myself. I am from Milwaukee and I go to St. Francis High School. I am going to be a […]

Resume Writing “wrap up”

I really wanted to title this “that’s a wrap”, but it would not have been all that clear what I was going to write about.   Now is a good time to finish writing about resumes and move on to other topics like the cover letter and interviewing.  By the way, I love interviewing so get ready…. The […]