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Interview –  It is a word that gets me pumped up and excited.   It is an opportunity to hear what makes someone excited about what they do now or what they want to do.  The interview is a chance to meet someone new (in most cases) and see what they are all about.  Well, that is just my humble view so let’s […]

Interview Skills

Your phone rings.  You get invited to interview.  Are you excited?  You should be.  The focus now is on getting ready for the interview.  In the next few posts, I will offer suggestions on being prepared.   These suggestions will be simple and helpful. First, let me offer you a bit of humor from CNN.  Click […]

Yes, you do need a cover letter

First I need to say “what a great week”.  There were a few United Way events in Madison  for American Family that were fantastic.  I spent a few days volunteering and loved it. Now how about those cover letters?  I was a bit surprised at the responses and here is why.  Only 76% of the respondents said […]