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I noticed a comment a long while back on Laurie Ruettimann’s former blog, Punk Rock HR, in which the commenter likened a company’s interviewing process with the culture you’d find if you actually took a job there.

I’m paraphrasing a bit, but this was the gist: ‘The experience a candidate gets with a company while interviewing says so much about the likely experience of working there.

• Takes a long time to get through the interview process = takes a long time for the company to make a decision

• Communication is disjointed and disorganized = everyone is walking around with their head in the clouds

• No communication from the recruiter = no regular communication from management to employees

I’m sure that observation is very accurate at some companies and not so much at others. But once I thought about it, I could recall interviewing at one company in particular and tapping my feet as the process went on and on and on over three months. And sure enough, after I took a seat at my new desk, I discovered that any type of change did indeed happen at a glacial pace.

Do you have similar stories? Have you found that the way a company conducts its interview process correlates with its workplace culture?

**Sue is an HR service experience specialist who has a background in journalism, public relations and HR customer experience. Sue’s been with American Family for 12 years and spends her spare time chasing two children and keeping track of all the great movies she’s missed since she became a mom. In two years, you’re all invited to a very long film festival.

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