Diverse Perspectives Wanted

Have you ever worked at a company where you felt as though everyone was programmed like robots to think the same way? A place where people felt nervous or even intimidated by the thought of looking at a situation or solution in a way that was different from “the way we do things around here”?

At American Family, inclusion and diversity are critical to meeting our business objectives. That includes diversity in the way we think. The world around us is changing rapidly and the speed of information exchange accelerates every day. As that happens, people can be tempted to rely on familiar solutions and ideas to quickly deal with challenges. But we’ve found a way to make sure we stay true to our desire for diversity of thought: two Business Resource Groups (BRGs) – a Multicultural Business Resource Group and a Women’s Business Resource Group.

Employee members of these groups provide input into company initiatives and push us to consider diverse perspectives for the benefit of our customers, our company and the communities we serve. Employees can choose to serve as core team members or as volunteer participants.

In addition, many of our employees participate in American Family’s Diversity and Inclusion (DI) Network. Our DI Network plans and coordinates events in our various offices which raise awareness and support diversity and inclusion at American Family.

The mission of American Family is to be the most trusted and valued service-driven insurance company. To make that mission happen, we need to be flexible and able to consider ideas and ways of doing things which are new to us. The perspectives of today are not always the perspectives of tomorrow – and individuals from all walks of life can contribute to our success by looking at our company in new ways.

If you are interested in working at a place where your ideas matter, check out our opportunities today at (http://www.americanfamilyinsurance.jobs).

** Matt is the HR staffing manager for American Family’s west and central territories and works out of our Denver office. He has been with American Family for 14 years and spent seven years in claims before spending the last seven in HR. Outside of American Family, you can find Matt cheering on all of the Denver sports teams (which he admits is painful at times) or visiting new cities around the country.

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