What is a claims adjuster, anyway?

I am often asked by job seekers: What do claims adjusters really do?

Well, they do a lot – investigate, analyze, interpret, communicate and negotiate, among other things. Primarily, however, our claims adjusters are the people who work with our customers and claimants when they experience a loss – whether it’s a dented fender, a hail-damaged roof or, worse, a serious physical injury.

It is the role of the claims adjuster to provide exceptional service to our customers and claimants in their time of need. To listen, advise, explain, and to pay what is owed for their loss in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy. After all, that is why we all purchase insurance in the first place, right? Someone who has experienced a loss is often going through a difficult time, and helping him or her is one of the most rewarding things a claims adjuster can do.

Sounds pretty great, right? The next question people often ask is: I don’t have any experience in the insurance industry. How do I become a claims adjuster?

Fear not. While some of our claims positions certainly do require experience, we have entry-level claims opportunities on occasion as well. These opportunities can arise in any location, but most often appear in our four claims customer care centers located in Madison, Wis.; Columbus, Ohio; St Louis, Mo. and Denver, Co. Associate representatives in our care centers are trained from a ground-up perspective in all the basics of claims adjusting — from policy and coverage interpretation to investigation and negotiation. Most importantly, representatives also learn how to create an excellent experience for our customers who are calling on us when they need our help.

If you’re looking at our job postings and are confused as to which jobs are entry-level claims positions and which are not, here are a few helpful hints:

• Carefully review the position objective and specialized knowledge and skills requirements of the job. This will quite often reveal whether the position requires previous experience.

• The vast majority of positions with the word “field” in the title require previous experience.

• Our entry-level claims positions will most often have the word “associate” in the title. Examples include “Claims Customer Care Center Associate Representative” and “Claim Associate Adjuster”.

If you have great customer service skills and a desire to help, Check out our claims careers today at (http://www.americanfamilyinsurance.jobs).

** Matt is the HR staffing manager for American Family’s west and central territories and works out of our Denver office. He has been with American Family for 14 years and spent seven years in claims before spending the last seven in HR. Outside of American Family, you can find Matt cheering on all of the Denver sports teams (which he admits is painful at times) or visiting new cities around the country.

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