“Little by little, one walks far”

“Little by little, one walks far.” –Peruvian Proverb.

My journey at American Family Insurance began by working on a temporary basis in Human Resources during the summer when I was home from college. Pursuing a career in environmental biology, I assured myself that working at AmFam was simply a means of paying the next year’s tuition—I fully believed my place in the world was in the “great outdoors,” and a desk job would never do. After my first couple weeks on the job, my anti-corporate mentality began to shift. In fact, I enjoyed my summer job in HR so much that I came back that next summer, and even again the next summer after that one.

It was through my summer work that I gained a broad knowledge of both Human Resources and American Family. Over the three summers, I learned countless office procedures, corporate policies and business etiquette. My communication skills were strengthened, and I began to build a solid network of co-workers and customers.

Rounding the end of my third summer of HR work at AmFam, I was feeling a bit anxious. As a new college graduate, after submitting countless applications for “real world” work, I still had no leads. Let’s just say, I did not graduate during an ideal job market! Fortunately, it was at this time AmFam’s HR Division offered me a permanent job in a staffing support role.  I gladly accepted and was grateful that I would be able to continue my career with such a spectacular group of individuals.

With the help of fabulous co-workers and management, I solidified my knowledge and skills of HR and the company.  Over the next year and a half, I grew more confident, and continued expanding my network. Recently, I took an exciting jump in my career path at AmFam, accepting a new position as a staffing specialist. When I started here with my summer employment, one of my co-workers would always say, “We are going to make you an HR professional yet.” I would always laugh. I didn’t think anything of it—and here I am today, looking forward to the new challenges that are in store for me in this position.

I like to believe that life is full of changes, and that things aren’t meant to stay the same.  It’s all the little steps I have taken that have readied me for what comes next. By taking little steps and learning as I go, I’m feeling like I can better prepare myself for what lies ahead in the future. I can’t wait for the day when I discover where all my little career steps and changes are leading me!

Did you end up in a job you didn’t expect?  Tell us about your career journey!


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