Happy 82nd Birthday to Amfam!


Our company’s founding started out over a dinner conversation, in the spring of 1927, at the Charles Hotel in Marshfield, WI. Today, American Family is the nation’s ninth largest property and 10th largest casualty insurer, with just over 7,700 employees and nearly 3,900 sales agents.

On Monday we celebrated our company birthday with some cake, video, plus many funny stories.

What’s changed with our workplace programs over the years?
Here’s what some of my co-workers reported:

“We continue to expand our scheduling options among other things that help employees strike a balance between work and personal commitment.”

“Employees have electronic access to a lot of their HR information and can perform many tasks on their own, but we also offer more personal contact through our ASK HR service center”

“We embrace healthier lifestyles. 21 years ago you did not see employees walking and running on breaks. Today there are many!”

Happy Birthday AMFAM!


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