Take Your Child to Work Day

Omaha_300Here are some fun photos and comments from the recent Take Your Child to Work Day Event.  AmFam typically reserves one day every summer for youth (8 yr & up) to join their parents or significant adults in their life, at the workplace.  There were around 550 children signed up to attend, across the company.


“My morning started with my dad and I going to the C store, and I got a big chocolate doughnut with cream in the middle from Annie. I think I like work”.

“I’d rather be here at work with my Mom” versus being at home with his younger sister.

“Je’Kyah and I both got our pictures taken in Mr. Salzwedel’s office (President), sitting in his big chair.  I hope he won’t be mad”.

In Phoenix, a father reports, I spent the day “working a little and laughing a lot” with my daughter.


It’s always a fun event!


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