AmFam Road Map – Arizona

Here's a cool picture of our Phoenix Office Building
Check out this pic of our Phoenix Building

 AmFam Road Map series is back!  We last featured the state of Ohio, with amfam locations in Columbus, Cleveland, & Cinncinati.  Let’s move on toward the desert….. Arizona.  We’ve been writing insurance in the sunny state of AZ for over 20 years now, since 1986.  Our company office is located primarily in Phoenix, with a small number of employees working in Tucson.  Most of the roles are in Claims Operations, also legal, sales, and a few employees work in the IT field, educators, HR, Marketing, or other core insurance type of roles.

Next series will feature a semi-arid state, with the most beautiful mountain range, the foothills are within short distance from the office.  Any guesses?  I think this one is easy, however, I did work there for a few years.  Watch out for the lightning storms that keep our property field claims adjusters busy.  And the bears… my husband was just a few feet from a brown bear cub that was lost in our gated apartment community (an experience he’ll never forget).

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