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My name is Jordan and I am the infamous PEOPLE Program intern Mike has been blogging about. I’m just doing this one blog explaining my experience here at AMFAM.

I’ll start with a little background about myself. I am from Milwaukee and I go to St. Francis High School. I am going to be a senior this coming school year. I am focusing on business electives there. I am interning here at AMFAM through the PEOPLE Program which Mike briefly explained in one of his blogs.

Before I came to American Family I didn’t know too much about it. I just thought of a building full of people working with insurance claims, always on the phone or going out to incident sites. I had no idea that it was the national headquarters.

When I got here I saw THREE nice huge buildings with beautiful surrounding nature. They have the biggest cafeteria I have ever seen. There is a convenient store here. The campus has miles of walking trails that go through the nice landscaping they have. Oh yeah and the entrance/rotunda area is also really cool. One of the best parts about it is they even gave me an office to work in!

I mainly worked on one project during my six weeks here but I also got a chance to be involved in some interesting side activities. I went to some meetings and got to give my input into them. I got do some job shadowing in the multicultural marketing area. Also I attended a presentation on The Facebook Era, a book by Clara Shih about how Facebook is so important from networking to advertising.

The people at AMFAM were the best thing about interning here.  Everybody is nice and chill. People aren’t running around to get stuff done all day. There’s more of a relaxed feel here.  Everybody is willing to talk to you whenever you want or need to. I met so many great, generous people here. Whenever there was FREE food they would be quick to let me know and offer me some.

I had a great experience interning at American Family Insurance. If you ever come across an opportunity like this you should take it. I learned a lot and had fun. I will definitely contact Mike when I am job hunting in the future to get an advantage on getting a spot here at AMFAM.


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