It’s Never Too Early To Prepare

The weeks just seem to fly by!  Summer is in full swing and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Our PEOPLE intern, Jordan, has acclimated quite nicely and will be posting a blog entry soon (see my last post).  Thinking back to when I was in high school, my summer’s consisted of bagging groceries and video games.  The things he’ll get to do here are invaluable – even if he doesn’t realize it yet. 

If you have a son or daughter in high school or even just know someone who hasn’t started a career yet, make sure to encourage them to go out and experience “the real world”.  That’s really the only way to determine if a job or career is right for you.  If finding a part-time job is too difficult in this market, go and speak with different types of businesses or meet with guidance counselors.  The sooner you start preparing for life after school the better.  My hat is off to you, Jordan.  I hope we can help shape your future!


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