Resume Writing “wrap up”

I really wanted to title this “that’s a wrap”, but it would not have been all that clear what I was going to write about.   Now is a good time to finish writing about resumes and move on to other topics like the cover letter and interviewing.  By the way, I love interviewing so get ready….

The purpose of the resume is to get an interview.  You are marketing your skills so remember these key points:

  • You want the readers attention
  • You want the reader to get interested in you
  • You want the reader to invite you for an interview to find out more

Focus your resume on the skills and experiences that are related to the position you are applying for.  Read the job description or posting of the position you want and if it lists required skills or experiences you have, make sure to add those skills or experiences into the resume.  Keep your resume to no more than two pages while detailing your experiences in a nice format. 

And here is the last main point-PROOF READ!  A great resume can fall off the radar if there are spelling and grammar errors. 

Keep those resume questions coming and I will be happy to answer you.  Please feel free to let me know what types of things you would like me to write about.  Even though I was going to go into cover letters and interviewing, I can be swayed to blog about something else.

Take care.


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