AmFam Road Map – Oregon

Amfam Office

Amfam Office

I’m happy to once again be posting to AmFam Road Map. It’s been a while since our last featured state – NV. Over the past couple of weeks the blogging team had been rather busy coordinating a judging session and selecting a new name for the site. If you have not heard, we plan to name the site The Family Room. Thanks to all for over 400 ideas posted to our contest page.

Congratulations T.Y. from Tigard, OR (Sales Manager) for following our road map trivia. You are correct…. “Weekend travel getaways” (“Garden City” of Silverton, Three Sisters Mountains, and Garibaldi) are all located in your beautiful state of Oregon. T. Y. also mentioned The Coast, Mount Hood, Multnomah Falls (been there, its spectacular), and shops/restaurants in Pearl District downtown Portland area (see comment in AmFam Road Map – Nevada).

AmFam has an office in Portland with just over 100 employees. The majority of these employees represent our claims, legal, or sales functions. Also, there are a few people with roles focused on education, technology, workplace services, or other insurance functions.

Here’s our trivia for the next Road Map series. We will feature a state, in which we have amfam office locations in 3 main cities (all city names start with the letter “C”). Anyone want to take a guess??


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