Resume Writing – Work Experience III

What a great few days it has been.  Work has been great.  It is warm outside.  My friend and peer, Mike, just took a picture of me with a camera that has a very bright flash.  Once my full vision returns to me, I can’t wait to continue enjoying the week.    

Well, time to get back to the Work Experience section of resume writing.  Many of you had questions surrounding the Work Experience section of the resume.  The Work Experience section is very important because it specifically highlights activities you performed in past jobs.  Today I will share two Work Experience examples for you to review and comment on.

Before I start with that here are a few simple rules to remember.   

 –  Use action verbs such as achieved, led, and researched to begin describing your work experiences. 

–  Don’t write too much.  Writing too much can water down what you are trying to highlight.

–  Describe your actions or the skills you used rather than just writing what you did. 

–  Identify the skill requirements of the position you are applying to and if you have those skills, put them in your resume.

–  Use numbers, percentages, or statistics in your examples.

–  Proof read, proof read, proof read.  Any spelling or grammar errors get noticed….not in a good way. 


Now let’s look at a few examples of Work Experience.  Once you read these samples, offer your thoughts on what you feel would work better in a resume.  Feel free to offer your own sample.  Here we go.


XYZ Company, Recruiter

August ’06 – Present

 –   Hire qualified candidates OR

–   Recruit, interview, evaluate, and recommend internal and external candidates for administration to executive level positions.


XYZ Company, Management Trainee

August ’06 – Present

–  Manage work group of six OR

–  Manage team of six professionals by setting performance goals, coaching, measuring performance.  This resulted in two team members receiving promotions.


XYZ Company, Financial Planner

August ’06 – Present

–  Saved client a bunch of money OR

–  Evaluated client ABC assests, liabilities, and income to identify cost saving measures resulting in $7500 savings.


What do you think are the better Work Experience samples above?  Why?  There are different views on resume writing so share yours.

Take care.


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