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A path by the pond at AmFam

A path by the pond at AmFam

Before getting to my blog post I’d just like to say a “thank you” to everyone who submitted blog entries.  What an awesome turnout and what great ideas you all had!  It was a tough decision but we really feel that “The Family Room” embodies what we were looking for: casual, fun, and a reflection of American Family.  Now…on to the post!

I just opened up my inbox and spotted an email entitled “A Stronger, Leaner You”.  The gist of the email is that a local personal trainer is coming to our headquarter building to discuss fitness and sound eating habits in a couple days.  The email reminded me that I wanted to share with you just a few of the wellness activities and initiatives.

For starters, we have a huge campus – somewhere in the ballpark of 400 acres.  Sprawled throughout the campus are walking trails which lead employees by a pond and plenty of greenery.  There is no better way to take a break on a warm, sunny day (like today!) then to spend it with Mother Nature!  The trails are also home to our annual 3k run/walk.  It’s worth mentioning too that our campus is completely tobacco free.

Aside from the trails we also have on-site yoga and piyo (although I’m still not sure what piyo is).  As I mentioned earlier we have classes and guest speakers discussing topics on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and everything in-between.  Our on-site cafeteria also has plenty of healthy choice options.

Again, these are just a few of the many things American Family offers to employees in terms of wellness.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to touch on even more later on, but for now, I’m off to the walking trails….


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    Mike what a great blog, we offer piyo which is both pilates and yoga, it’s really fun you should do a blog about that next.

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