Resume Writing – Work Experience II

shutterstock_resumew1Welcome back to the blog and I hope you had a great week.   I presented to the IPMA-HR WI conference on Friday, April 17 and spent Wednesday, April 22 at the University of Wisconsin for an Employer Open House.  Two great events I am honored to attend.

Resume writing continues to be a good topic.  Requests have come to me to review resumes and a common theme appears.  Most resumes are not focused on the position you want.  Of the last three resumes I reviewed,  all had great detail about Work Experiences, but none had hit the bulls-eye.

In each case, a great story was told of projects, management, technical knowledge, team work, and other skills.  Sounds good on the surface, right?  It is good, but what if you were applying to a project manager position and a claims position at the same time?  Would you use the exact same resume for both positions?  I would hope you answered no.  Here is why.

A resume should be specific to the position you are applying for.  Look at it this way.  Different skills and experiences are sought out for project managers and claims professionals.  One resume for both may not be enough.  

Read the knowledge and skill requirements for each different position you are interested in.  Remember to be truthful and honest, but make sure your resume shows the skills and experiences you have for this specific position.  

A resume does not need to tell every detail of your entire career.  It should have all the details why you are qualified for the specific position you are applying to.

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  1. Posted April 28, 2009 at 3:56 am | Permalink

    “Most resumes are not focused on the position you want.”

    Sad but true. Most job seekers still have the idea that more-skills-written-in-resume sells more.

    Most of the times it’s the accomplishments employers are looking for and the methods by which you have achieved such.

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