Flexible Schedules

I began to brainstorm today all of the great perks that working for AmFam brings and realized that I have a pretty long list (no joke!).  I’m going to focus on just a handful in my next couple posts.  If you want to know more – just ask!

The first one I’d like to focus on deals with work/life balance.  AmFam has some great flexible schedule opportunities.  Do you remember your college days when you scheduled all your classes on Monday through Thursday so you could have that ever-important extra weekend day?  Well at American Family most salaried exempt employees are eligible to have a day off once every other week.  Although you might not be doing the same activities you would have if you were still in college (studying right?!) it’s clear that most AmFam’ers still place high value on that extended weekend. 

Be sure to come back to check out some more perks.  I’ll be discussing healthy living programs and events, volunteering opportunities, discounts and education. 


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  1. Cheeze
    Posted April 11, 2009 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    Hi. Flexible schedules seem nice. I have them where I work too! :)

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