Amfam Road Map – Idaho

shutterstock_under-constructionWelcome back to our road map feature.  I just experienced quite a detour.  Our staffing department is currently working on several major projects.  Let’s just say that I ran into some road construction, caused a delay, and around 25 interviews and several hiring meetings later we are back up and cruizin’.

American Family entered into the state of Idaho jointly with Utah, summer of 2002.  Our office is in Eagle, Idaho.  I don’t know a lot about Eagle but according to a map it appears to be a suburb of Boise City.  Besides potatoes, Idaho is well known for agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.  Oh by the way, the answer to the trivia question on this state  – Sun Valley in 1936 was America’s first destination ski resort.  I bet most of you would have selected somewhere in Colorado or Utah.

My next post will explore the state with the “Loneliest Road in America”, a diverse state with “Cowboy Country” in one territory, and the opposite extreme, also home to a major destination city with world reknown hotels, upscale dining and shopping.


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