Do you attend Career Fairs?

Well, here I am planning a few careers fairs to attend this year.  There is a lot of work that goes into planning one of these but, I love the chance to get out and meet people face to face.  I have heard two different thoughts about career fairs lately I was hoping to get feedback on. 

 One report on the radio told of an event that over 1,000 people were turned away due to overwhelming interest.  Another report I read showed career fair attendance was going down as people use other means (networking, websites) to look for the next career. 

 What do you think about career fairs?  Is a career fair an event you would attend and why? Here is my favorite thought for the day.  What do you do to prepare to attend a career fair?  Mike wrote a great entry on career fair etiquette a few weeks ago you should check out.

 Now let me know what you are thinking about career fairs and if you want to meet me at one in the near future.  Now it is time to get moving on my regular blog about resumes.  

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