Resume Writing- Objective Statement

shutterstock_250965643-3Welcome back to the blog!  I hope you are as excited about spring being just around the corner like I am.  At least it feels like spring is around the corner.  Now back to writing a great resume.

Remember a resume is a personal expression of your professional career on paper, but it should have a few main elements to be good.  Those four are:

Name and Contact – Objective Statement – Work History – Education

Name and Contact you should know so let’s focus on the Objective Statement.  This is a great way to state in one or two sentences why you want a position and what you have to offer.  Make sure you list the position you are applying to and at least three skills you have that focus on the position.

A good example of this would be:

Career Objective – Sourcing and Diversity Specialist position in Human Resources where I can use my interviewing, relationship building, and documentation skills. 

 Note that the position was listed in the objective statement.  Make sure you list the correct position.  It looks bad when the wrong position title is used.  Next is the department or division.  Be as specific as you can.  The last part is the most important.  If the posting lists required skills and experiences and you have them, make sure to list them.  

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