What should I have in my resume?

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Now let’s start on resume writing.  How hard can it be to summarize your life’s professional or school experiences in a page or two?  This can be a challenge.  It can be less challenging when you know where to begin.  While each resume is a personal extension of your self, there are four main parts to a resume I look for.


The first part is the easiest.  It is the part you know best.  It is your name and contact information.  Make sure your name is top, bold and center. Then add your address and phone number or email. 


The second part is an objective statement.  Not everyone agrees with having an objective statement, but I like them.  This objective statement is another opportunity to highlight what skills you have to offer to a specific position or company. 


The third part is work history.  Start with your current or most recent experience.  List the company you worked for, title of the position and dates you were in the role.  In three to six bulleted points, describe what you did, how you did the work, and results.  Remember not to write too much, but I will write about that later.


The fourth part is education.  Add degrees, courses taken, or professional levels of accomplishment.    


These four parts are the foundation to a good resume.  I will write about the objective statement in my next blog unless you have something else you wish to read about.  Just let me know.


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