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Message pen, stress ball, and pizza cutter

On my last post regarding career fairs, I wanted to get your feedback regarding giveaways.  If you’ve ever attended a career fair you know that most companies in attendance have some sort of promotional item that they hand out to candidates.  At American Family we currently have three items that make their way around the career fair circuit: a pizza cutter, message pen, and a yo-yo stress ball. 

We are always looking for great ideas around new items to hand out.  What are some of the cool toys you’ve received at a fair?  Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section and maybe your suggestions will end up at the next career fair.


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  1. Anthony
    Posted March 13, 2009 at 7:18 am | Permalink

    Sorry for the late comment – ahve been ultra busy!
    Jobs! Well maybe not so much jobs, but tools to prepare for a job within American Family or in general. Like a nicely printed resource guide that applies not only to American Family but also has information if an attendee were to apply anywhere. What about discount booklets on print services for professional printing of resumes or portfolios. Maybe even for professional resume reviews. I just applied for a position here at American Family and was, and still am, highly concerned about my resume. Another great thing to have would be an ‘application notebook’ that a perspective employee could keep when applying that contains education history, work history, phone numbers, dates, etc. These are all things one needs to know when filling out an application but a lot of us can not remember the details. I for one usually write it on a piece of paper before I go, but having a pre-formatted notebook with place to write in all of my application specific information would be great!

    Sorry for the long post, lots of ideas!! Keep up the good writing you guys!

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