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Best place for me to begin is how I started in insurance.  It was just before college graduation when my fiancée, who also works in insurance, suggested I look at a career in claims before I pursue an advanced degree.  I created a resume, applied, read about American Family on the internet and prepared for the interview.  I was hired!

A few years in Claims were a great learning experience, and then it was off to Human Resources were I have been the last 10 years.  In the last ten years I have interviewed hundreds of people for roles from Internships to Associate Vice Presidents.  In that same time, I have read thousands of resumes.  I look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas on focusing your resume and interviewing tips. 

In my next blog I will share a bit about the main components of a resume.  I will give you a hint…..there are four main parts to a good resume. 

 Take care.  Scott

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